AstroData Project Overview

Eder Loza is launching an NFT collection competition using the resources of the Ethereum blockchain. Known as “the AstroData project”, the competition will democratize the opportunity to own a fine Swiss watch and will disrupt the watch market on Web 3.0.

Through the AstroData project, participants will have the opportunity to collect utility NFTs that will allow them to join a club of investors and watchmaking enthusiasts,  earn physical rewards, obtain special privileges and, eventually, to win a unique Swiss haute horlogerie watch. 

The AstroData project is expected to capture the interest of both haute horlogerie enthusiasts wishing to acquire unique, physical products from an emerging Swiss brand and investors seeking to make a profit from the purchase and sale of utility NFTs.

Introducing Eder Loza

Eder Loza is a Swiss watch and jewelry brand that wants to break with the codes of traditional luxury. To do so, we use the resources of blockchain to offer an innovative and immersive experience to members and users.

The brand's main thread is above all an artistic quest in which the character Eder Loza is staged. He evolves and offers products that always reflect his experiences and the messages he wishes to convey. The project AstroData representing emancipation. First of all human, creative and technological.

AstroData Project Timeline 

Step Description
Step 1 (february 2023) Airdrop of 1000 free NFTSDuring 5 weeks, 1000 Unity are given for free (airdrop) through tests on our discord and collaborations to the best and most active participants.
Step 2 (March 2023) Join the pre-sale of 300 Trinity NFTsEder Loza is offering 300 Trinity NFTs for sale at the discounted price of 0.3 ETH. The presale is reserved for a small number of people who are whitelisted on our discord server. The condition to be whitelisted is to own at least 2 Unity NFTs.
Step 3 (March 2023) Public Mint of 2700 TrinityEder Loza invites you to collect the most NFTs from the remaining 2700 Trinity during the public mint. You'll then have two weeks to trade, sell, or buy NFTs from both collections before the final point count.
Step 4 (April 2023) Win the AstroData and rewardsAt the end of the competition, the participant with the most points will win the AstroData watch and its digital NFT copy. Depending on how many points they’ve earned, the remaining participants may receive pieces of fine Swiss jewelry.
Step 5 (Summer 2023) Attend the first Eder Loza Club eventMembers of the Eder Loza Club will be invited to a gala evening to meet Eder Loza in person and preview more of his work.
Step 6 (2023) Become and remain a member of the Eder Loza ClubWhile waiting for the next project to be released in 2023, Eder Loza invites you to become and remain an owner of a Trinity NFT in order to enjoy the many perks reserved for Eder Loza Club members.
Step 7 ( end of 2023) Next projectIn the next chapter of Eder Loza's brand, a new unique watch design will be unveiled as well as new pieces of fine Swiss jewelry.

Payment Options

To participate in the AstroData project and acquire NFTs from the Trinity or Unity collection, you will need to have a crypto-currency wallet. We recommend that you create one with MetaMask or Coinbase .

We accept payments in crypto-currency (i.e. Ethereum) as well as in fiat currency (via bank card) for those who have not yet added funds to their wallet.

Competition Outline

The competition takes place in 3 steps:

Step 1 : Airdrop - Unity NFTs

During 5 weeks, 650 Unity are airdropped on our discord through challegnes and 350 other Unity are given through collaborations.

Step 2: Presale - Trinity

A presale of 300 Trinity at the price of 0.3 ETH is planned. This is reserved for a small number of people who are whitelisted on our discord server. The condition to be whitelisted is to own at least 2 Unity NFTs.

Step 3: Public Mint - Trinity

The remaining 2700 Trinity are put on sale after the presale. After the Airdrop, the pre-sale and the public sale, when all the NFTs have an owner, there will be a two-week period for owners to exchange, buy, and sell their NFTs before the final tally. Participants should keep in mind that Trinity NFTs are worth 3 points in the final tally and Unity NFTs are worth 1 point.

After the two-week period, a final tally will be made of each participant’s points. The participant with the most points (regardless of how their overall score is constituted) will be declared the overall winner and awarded the AstroData watch. The remaining participants, depending on their overall scores, may receive physical rewards (i.e. jewelry) and access to the Eder Loza Club.

Competition days Drop time Number of Unity NFTs given per day during Discord challenges
Wednesday 8PM (UTC+2, Geneva time) 26 Unity
Thursday 8PM (UTC+2, Geneva time) 26 Unity
Friday 8PM (UTC+2, Geneva time) 26 UNITIY
Saturday 8PM (UTC+2, Geneva time) 26 Unity
Sunday 8PM (UTC+2, Geneva time) 26 Unity

3. Final Tally and Reward Distribution 

Once the final tally has been completed, NFT owners are invited to register in the user area of the ederloza.com website, where they can claim rewards according to the number of points they have earned. 

Participants have 7 days to submit their claims and to send the Eder Loza team their delivery information. After the 7 day period, the automatic prize (see reward levels) will be awarded and can be claimed within a maximum of 6 months. The winner of the AstroData watch will be invited to receive their prize in a special ceremony.

At the final tally, participants holding 3 Unity NFTs have the opportunity to "burn" them and receive a Trinity NFT in return, allowing them to become part of the Eder Loza Club.

Discord Challenges

The AstroData project challenges will take place on the official Discord server during the competition period. They are intended to reward community involvement as well as allow people who do not have the resources to purchase a Trinity NFT a chance to participate in the competition.

Participants can find challenges in the "challenges of the day" Discord room, and bots will ensure that the challenges are smoothly run.

For 5 weeks, challenges will be held each day from Wednesday to Sunday, at a time announced in advance. The results of the events and the daily rankings will be communicated transparently to the entire community on our social accounts.

The challenges are purely skill-based, so participants cannot rely on making random choices at any point. They cover a variety of topics such as Eder Loza, watchmaking, blockchain, general knowledge, and astronomy.

List of Challenges

- Logic tests: Participants must answer a logic test based on mathematical exercises.

- Guess the word: Participants have to guess a word with 4 pictures given to them as clues.

 - Quizzes: Participants have to answer various questions and choose between 3 answers.

 - Riddles: Participants have to answer mystery questions that draw on their knowledge of the project and the artist.

- Where is Eder Loza: Participants have to find Eder Loza in a scene.


Throughout the entire competition (from the pre-sale to the final tally), a ranking of NFT owners can be accessed on ederloza.com. Each participant will be ranked by the number of points they have earned (calculated as the sum in points of all Trinity and Unity NFTs owned).

Owners of Trinity and Unity NFTs have the option to register on the main site as users, where they can see their rank more easily and come up with a nickname to display on the leaderboard.


The AstroData project NFTs are all unique and individually numbered.

The Trinity Collection

The Trinity collection can be purchased by participants during the presale (300) and during the public sale (2700) on the following url: mint.ederloza.com. Trinity NFTs have a value of 3 points in the competition and in the final tally.

The purchase price for a NFT from the Trinity collection is fixed at 0.3 ETH during the presale and 0.5 ETH during the competition. Trinity NFTs are subject to a 5% creator fee. These royalties come from secondary sales and help support the project and future developments of the Eder Loza brand.

Total number of NFTs in the Trinity collection: 3333 NFTs

Number of Trinity NFTs available through burns: 333 NFTs

Number of Trinity NFTs available for pre-sale: 300 NFTs

Number of Trinity NFTs available during the competition: 2700 NFTs

In addition to being individually numbered, the NFTs in the Trinity Collection are subdivided into 5 types, each one referring to a different exoplanet in the universe.

Each Trinity NFT type has a different level of rarity :

Type 1: DUSTA 

43% of the collection (1433 NFTs) have this visual.

Type 2: OBSCURA 

27% of the collection (900 NFTs) have this visual.

Type 3: ELIPSA 

18% of the collection (600 NFTs) have this visual.


9% of the collection (300 NFTs) have this visual (reserved for pre-sale).

Type 5: LAVA

3% of the collection (100 NFTs) have this visual.

Contract address : soon

Proof hash : soon

The Unity Collection

During the competition, NFTs from theUnity collection can be earned by participants on the Eder Loza Discord server. 26 Unity NFTs will be available each day from Wednesday to Sunday, over the course of 5 weeks.

Each Unity NFT has a value of 1 point in the competition. At the competition’s end, owners who have 3 or more Unity NFTs will have the opportunity to merge them on the main site to obtain a Trinity NFT and join the Eder Loza Club. 3 Unity NFTs are required for every merge.

Unity NFTs are subject to a 5% creator fee as they are initially given away for free and meant to be merged into Trinity NFTs.

Total number of NFTs in the Unity collection: 1000 NFTs

Contract address: soon

Proof hash: soon

The AstroData watch

The AstroData watch embodies artistic emancipation, excellence, and Swiss precision. It’s a symbol of the avant-garde, of those who are one step ahead in the world of luxury.

Made of 18K gold and set with sapphires and diamonds, the AstroData watch is a one-of-a-kind model inspired by astronomy and digital data. Eder Loza will craft only a single physical watch that will be linked to its digital NFT double through the Ethereum blockchain.

Case Or 18K (750/1000)
Glass Sapphires on the face and on the back; anti-reflective treatment
Display Hours and minutes
Waterproofing 3 BAR
Size 40 MM
Movement Swiss T02 tourbillon
Frequency 3Hz
Power reserve 110 heures
Winding Manual

Origins of the Components and Manufacturing Process :

Tourbillon movement Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Gold 18k (750/1000) Geneva, Switzerland
Silicone wristband Geneva, Switzerland
Design Geneva, Switzerland
Research and development Geneva, Switzerland
Production Geneva, Switzerland
Gemstone setting Geneva, Switzerland
Finishing Geneva, Switzerland
Assembly Geneva, Switzerland
Logistics Switzerland and international

Upon submitting the prize claim form on the user side of our site, we guarantee hand delivery of the AstroData watch to the winner within 3 months.

Physical rewards (jewelry)

Depending on your number of points after the final tally, you may be eligible to win physical rewards and to join the Eder Loza Club. After the competition, the requirement to maintain an Eder Loza Club membership and the accompanying perks is to own at least one Trinity NFT.

This table summarizes the different physical reward tiers that participants can reach by collecting points up until the end of the competition:

Minimum de points requis (UNITY & TRINITY confondus) 3 points 6 points 9 points 12 points 15 points
Privileges Access to the Eder Loza Club and membership perks Access to the Eder Loza Club and membership perks Access to the Eder Loza Club and membership perks Access to the Eder Loza Club and membership perks Access to the Eder Loza Club and membership perks
Physical rewards - 925 Silver Access Pass Pendant 925 Silver AstroRing 18K Gold Access Pass Pendant 18K Gold AstroRing

Once the prize claim form on the user side of our site has been submitted, we guarantee participants delivery of their physical rewards within 3 months.

Customer Service

Single edition items come with a lifetime warranty on service. Please note: Eder Loza SA is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

Jewelry items are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for two years from the date of delivery. Note: damage due to improper use, accident, or normal wear and tear of the jewelry is expressly excluded from the warranty.

Eder Loza Club

The Eder Loza Club was created to reward the trust and commitment received from the community. It's a space where investors and enthusiasts of Swiss fine watchmaking and jewelry will be able to follow and influence the direction of the brand.


Become a Member of the Eder Loza Club

To be a member of the Eder Loza Club, you must own at least one Trinity NFT. You can obtain this status by logging into the Discord server and applying in the "get holder rank" channel.



As a thank you for their loyalty, members are entitled to several privileges:

– Voting rights and the opportunity to provide feedback on brand decisions

– Early or exclusive access to upcoming projects

– Invitations to private in-person and virtual events

– An 11% discount on all items in the Eder Loza intermediate collections

For Club members who own more than one Trinity NFT, discounts on the store are cumulative:

Number of Trinity NFTs Owned Store Discount
1 11%
2 12%
3 13%
4 14%
5 15%
6 16%
7 17%
8 18%
9 19%
10 20%


These are the official and verified accounts of the Eder Loza brand:

- Instagram: @eder.loza

- Twitter: @EderLoza

- TikTok: @ederloza

- Discord: EderLoza#3691

- Wallet address: eth:0x45BEeAFAfef29bEb59d074B9569E954F867ADf12

The official website is ederloza.com. Its subdomain is mint.ederloza.com 

Please be advised that all other accounts bearing the Eder Loza name do not belong to the brand. The Eder Loza team will never send an unsolicited message nor ask you for personal information.

Team & Partners

Eder Loza SA is a watch company [CHE-287.030.234] based in Geneva, Switzerland, with a share capital of CHF 100,000.


Eder Loza

Designer, co-founder


Head of Strategy, co-founder



Head of Creation, co-founder



Head of Production


Coinception SAS

Hor’Us Geneva Sàrl

Regal Asset Finance

Label Surface SA 

BCP Tourbillon SA


For commercial information: hi@ederloza.com

For general information: on the Discord server


Copyright notice:

© 2023 EDER LOZA SA. All rights reserved.

Exclusive property. No part of this work may be reproduced in any form whatsoever without the written consent of one of the directors of Eder Loza SA.