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Eder Loza SA is a watchmaking company [CHE-287.030.234] based in Geneva, Switzerland, with a share capital of 100,000 CHF.

    Eder Loza


    Head of Strategy co-founder


    Head of Creation co-founder


    Head of production


Hor’Us Geneva Sàrl

Regal Asset Finance

Label Surface SA

BCP Tourbillon SA



2700 NFTs from the Trinity Collection will be available for purchase on the ederloza.com website for 0.5 ETH and 300 NFTs will be available for pre-sale to whitelisted members on Discord for 0.3 ETH.

The 1000 NFTs from the Unity collection are available for free during the events organized on the Eder Loza Discord and during collaborations on our social networks.

An NFT from the Trinity Collection is worth 3 points in the competition.

An NFT from the Unity collection is worth 1 point in the competition.

One NFT from the Trinity Collection costs 0.3 ETH when pre-sold.

An NFT from the Trinity Collection costs 0.5 ETH when issued during the competition.

A NFT from the Unity Collection costs 0 ETH when donated (airdrop) on the Discord server.

650 NFTs are given on our discord to the best participants of our events, the remaining 350 will be given through our collaborations with other projects and content creators.

During 5 weeks, 1000 NFTs Unity are given away then there is the presale and the public mint. At the end of the Trinity Collection sell-out, Eder Loza gives you 2 more weeks to collect as many NFTs as possible before the leaderboard is locked and the physical rewards are distributed.

Following the 1000 Unity Airdrop, the condition to join the whitelist is to be the owner of at least 2 NFT unity. A few extra places will be offered to the most active members of the Discord and the winners of our contests.

In order to break a tie, the contestant who owns the smallest NFT Trinity number among the 3000 offered for sale, wins the AstroData. (e.g. if the participant owns NFT Trinity #1).

After 5 weeks of competition and 2 weeks of exchange, Eder Loza will freeze the scores on the website and will make a snapshot via the website https://nftsnap.xyz/. The results will be accessible to all with transparency.

After making the claim through the form on the user area of our website, we guarantee the participants of the competition a delivery of the physical products within 3 months.

Single edition items come with a lifetime warranty on service. Please note: Eder Loza is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Jewelry items are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for two years from the date of delivery. Note: Damage due to improper use, accident or normal wear and tear of the jewelry is expressly excluded from this warranty.

All items are 100% Swiss Made certified, Eder Loza makes it a point of honor to offer responsible luxury items and to work with local artisans and companies.

To become a member of the Eder Loza Club, you must own an NFT Trinity.

The only way to be a member of the Eder Loza Club is to have an NFT Trinity.

It is not possible to refer someone else to receive benefits.

Eder Loza SA is a Swiss company " CHE-287.030.234" which is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Instagram : @eder.loza

Twitter : @EderLoza

TikTok : @ederloza

Discord : EderLoza#3691

All other accounts are fake, be careful and watch out for scams.

We accept payments in crypto-currencies (Ethereum) as well as in FIAT (via a bank card) for people who do not yet have funds on their wallet.

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