Eder Loza Club

The Eder Loza Club

Eder Loza Club

Becoming a member of the Club is also an opportunity to join a group of investors and enthusiasts of Swiss fine watchmaking & jewelry.

Become a member of the
Eder Loza Club

To be a member of the Eder Loza Club, you must own at least one Trinity NFT.

You can obtain this status by logging into the Discord server in the lounge "EDER LOZA CLUB" after the competition.


To thank them for their loyalty, members are eligible for several privileges:


    Voting rights and the opportunity to provide input on key brand decisions

    Reserved for members

    Early or exclusive access to upcoming brand projects

    Reserved for members

    Invitations to private in-person and virtual events

    Reserved for members

    An minimal of 11% discount on all items in the Eder Loza intermediate collections

    Reserved for members

For Club members who own more than one Trinity NFT, discounts on the store are cumulative.

Number of Trinity NFTs owned Store Discount
1 11%
2 12%
3 13%
4 14%
5 15%
6 16%
7 17%
8 18%
9 19%
10 20%

The Eder Loza Club is designed to last over time and plays a central role in the sales mechanics of future projects. We invite you to join the club.

For more information, contact us