The Eder Loza Club

A club for the avant-garde.

The Eder Loza Club

The club is a privileged space reserved for watchmaking enthusiasts and lovers of our creations. Members have access to many unique privileges that enable them to take part in the brand's decisions and immerse themselves in our world.

Become a member of the Eder Loza Club

To become a member of the Eder Loza Club, you must own at least one Eder Loza product, or have been invited to join by an active member.

Unique privileges

Members have the following privileges:


    Voting rights and the opportunity to provide input on key brand decisions.

    Reserved for members

    Early or exclusive access to brand projects.

    Reserved for members

    Invitations to private in-person and virtual events.

    Reserved for members

    Access to a unique sponsorship and loyalty program.

    Reserved for members

    Access to a members-only communication channel with a direct link to our entire team

    Reserved for members

    Access to unique audiovisual content narrating the brand's artistic quest and the vision of its founders.

    Reserved for members

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