About Eder Loza

A new experience in luxury.

Eder Loza is a Swiss watch and jewelry brand that wants to break with the codes of traditional luxury. To do so, we use the resources of blockchain to offer an innovative and immersive experience to members and users.

The brand's main thread is above all an artistic quest in which the character Eder Loza is staged. He evolves and offers products that always reflect his experiences and the messages he wishes to convey. The project AstroData representing emancipation. First of all human, creative and technological.

Eder Loza is a Swiss watchmaking and jewelry brand.

Our ambition is to propose each year, a physical / unique piece of fine watchmaking that will be accessible only through competitions or innovative events on the Ethereum blockchain.

Between the annual projects, we want to develop small and medium series of physical products (watches and jewelry) mainly reserved for the members of the Eder Loza Club. These products will be available in limited edition on our online store.

For each new project, we want to offer an immersive and unique experience to watch enthusiasts and web 3.0 investors.

The values of the Eder Loza brand


We perpetuate Swiss watchmaking know-how while respecting human rights and the environment. That's why we are in the process of obtaining RJC certification and working locally with Swiss-based companies.


We are committed to listening to the needs of Eder Loza club members and our customers. We take their opinions into consideration and strive to continually improve our services and products.


From designs to marketing methods, we innovate in a field that has remained closed to progress and the general public for too long.


We are transparent and sincere from production to commercialization of our products.

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