AstroData, from beyond the stars

Discover AstroData, the start of a new era in traditional Swiss watchmaking.

Eder Loza© is a watch brand determined to revisit the traditional watch industry and to become bold, visionary pioneers.

Putting the customer experience at the heart of our strategy and pursuing a genuine artistic quest artistic quest, we seek to create unforgettable moments and authentic bonds with our customers, treating each watch as an extension of our identity and and aspirations.

Discover Eder Loza
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    Step 1 2023


    After raising funds in 2022 to create the company and produce the first protypes of our products, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign. The aim is to create a strong community and accelerate the development of Eder Loza. Pioneers of our brand will receive exclusive benefits.

    In progress
    Step 2 Early 2024

    Broadcast of the first episode on Eder Loza's artistic quest

    Through a short film, we're going to introduce you to the story of Eder Loza's character and the beginnings of his vision of watchmaking. This first episode on the theme of emancipation will be in line with the AstroData project.

    Step 3 Early 2024

    Launch of online watch and jewelry boutique

    To accompany the AstroData collection of unique watches, we will be marketing several jewelry items (rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, etc.) as well as a collection of watches in medium series.

    Step 4 Summer 2024

    Competition to win the latest AstroData

    We are going to organize an innovative competition, during which Eder Loza Club members will have the chance to win the 11th and last AstroData watch. The idea behind this competition is to reward our customers' loyalty and commitment to our brand.

    Step 5 Fall 2024

    Eder Loza Club's first physical event

    In order to give the last AstroData to the member who wins the competition, we'd like to organize a gala evening so that Eder Loza Club members can meet the brand's founders and pioneers.

    Step 6 2025

    Launch of the brand's second project

    All information concerning the second project is currently confidential.