AstroData, from beyond the stars

Discover AstroData, the first project of Eder Loza and enter into a new experience of luxury.

Eder Loza, a new Swiss watch brand that revolutionizes luxury thanks to new technologies.

In this first project called AstroData, you have the opportunity to collect NFTs that will allow you to win jewels, privileges and, eventually, a unique Swiss Haute Horlogerie watch.

Discover Eder Loza
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The NFTs


1000 unique NFTs in presale at the price of 0.09 ETH and a value of 3 points during the competition.
8000 unique NFTs at an individual price of 0.06 ETH and a value of 3 points during the competition.


1000 unique NFTs to be won in Discord events for free and during Twitter collaborations. This ticket has a value of 1 point during the competition.

During 5 weeks of competition, you have the opportunity to collect utility NFTs that will allow you to become part of an investor club, win limited physical jewelry items, privileges.

The winner of the competition will win the AstroData watch. A unique watch of high Swiss watchmaking.


At the end of the competition, when all NFTs from both collections have an owner, a ranking of participants will be established. Depending on your points (Trinity and Unity), you will receive physical rewards and privileges.

The participant who has the most points, wins the AstroData watch in physical version with its digital double.

    Gold and Silver AstroRing
    1of1 AstroData watch
    Gold and Silver Access pass pendant

AstroData roadmap

    Step 1 2023

    Airdrop of 1000 free NFTs

    During 5 weeks, 1000 Unity are given for free (airdrop), to the most determined participants, through tests on our Discord and collaborations on Twitter.

    In progress
    Step 2 2023

    Attend the pre-sale of 1000 Trinity NFTs

    We are offering 1000 Trinity NFTs for sale at the low price of 0.06 ETH. The presale is reserved for a small number of people who are whitelisted on our Discord server. The condition for being whitelisted is that you own at least 2 NFTs Unity.

    Step 3 2023

    Participate in the Public Mint of 8000 Trinity NFTs

    We invite you to collect the most NFTs from the remaining 8000 Trinity during the public mint. You'll then have two weeks to trade, sell, or buy NFTs from both collections before the final point count.

    Step 4 2023

    Win the AstroData and receive rewards

    At the end of the competition, the participant with the most points will win the physical copy of the AstroData and its digital copy. Depending on their points, the remaining participants will receive physical pieces of high quality Swiss jewelry.

    Step 5 2023

    Become or remain a member of the Eder Loza Club

    While waiting for the next project to be released at the end of 2023, Eder Loza invites you to become or remain an owner of an NFT Trinity in order to enjoy many privileges reserved for the Eder Loza Club.

    Step 6 2023

    Attend the first Eder Loza Club event

    Members of the Eder Loza Club will be invited to a gala evening to meet Eder Loza in person and preview more of his work.

    Step 7 2023

    Next project

    Each year, the brand will offer a new experience through a competition. Outside of the competitions, the brand wishes to offer small and medium series of timepieces and jewelry.